Architecture is a reflection of a local environment and condition, along with human behavior and culture. Therefore, I’m eager to find the possibilities of space, possibility of Architecture on a subtropical island.

Nothing is certain and everything changes.

If nothing is questioned, no answer shall be found and no truth will be revealed. I’ve been questioning about my identity, questioning about the unfavorable situation of my country, questioning about the relationship between Architecture and the island of Taiwan.

The history of modern Architecture has been addressed by western civilization, streets were occupied by concrete and steel, the convenience of these materials have eliminated the diversity of culture and reduce the possibility of space. Buildings have been separated from the environment where concrete and profit took place and dominates our living condition and space quality.

This ideology can’t achieve without applications to real world circumstance, therefore, practicing in similar but different culture are milestones of lifelong endeavor.












作品集 / Portfolio


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Born and raised in Taiwan,

Thanks to my parents who are both capable and willing to give me opportunities to travel and experience things I would never known if it wasn’t for them.

Before I could think independently, my footstep was already over England, France and the norden Europe. Looking back now adays, it is the first time in life when I understood what it feels like to be in an enviroment of totally different language, made me realize the importance of communication and become my motivation later when I was in high school and all the years after.

Went on Rotary Youth Exchange program was another huge step where I was forced to take responsibility of my own and learn to cooperate despite of all odds and understand the difference between races and religions. To build a connection with others of my own without my parent’s support.

Then, entering school of Architecture at Tamkang university in Taiwan was the beginning of all these, the center of my life, the future of my career.

“Think independently” was the first rule and the last in school. After all, the idea of design is to solve a problem in world, there’s no instruction you should or can follow. Despite of all design, Architecture is a combination of Art, Physics, and cooperation.

From all experience before, and whatever is waiting for me in the future, I would try my best to share my own experience and observations in life. For my own record and for those who might be trap in the same situation as I was before.



This line of Casey Neistat, a filmmaker and youtuber who I admired. Started with nothing but continuously working on things which interests him and live his live fully.

Visualizing both existing and non-existing world is both fascinating and unpredictable. With the non-existing, the world can grow as far as your imagination can reach. But with the existing, the combination of space atmosphere was also unlimited.

If Architecture is the boulevard, then movie making is the greenery which keeps the boulevard alive and challenge the limitation of my Architecture at the same time.

Here’s the list of some clips I’ve made/ translated/ shot





(註一)艾倫·李·狄珍妮(Ellen Lee DeGeneres,1958年1月26日-)是一位美國演員及單人相聲喜劇演員(stand-up comedian),現在她主持脫口秀節目《艾倫·狄珍妮秀》(The Ellen DeGeneres Show)及在「美國偶像」(American Idol)第九季擔任評審。主持第79屆、第86屆奧斯卡金像獎,亦曾多次憑《艾倫·狄珍妮秀》獲得艾美獎。

(註二)美國總統自由勳章:(英語:Presidential Medal of Freedom)是由美國總統一年一度頒發,與國會金質獎章並列為美國最高的平民榮譽。受獎者不需要是美國公民。