Series of Leisure

How do we define the path and road for transportation?
What was the difference?

Is processing and parametric design able to redirect different speed and whys of transportation?


The site of Huaguang was in the middle of two major public places and one commercial street in Taipei city.

The CKS Memorial Hall, Yun-kang commercial street and Da-an Park, three of them are all leisure places with a slow pace, but they’re linked by one of the busiest road – Shin-yi Road.

The conflict between speed and the possibility to merge the leisure places into one is the challenge and the beginning of changes.



Through analysis of the speed context nearby, the data was transformed into a 3D model which helped to define the differences of each entrance.

The entrances which were chosen by the intersection around the site and classified them into three different categories, which would help us build reference points when we enter the stage of regenerating the pattern of the site.