Drifting Village


By questioning the meaning of my own existence, and the relationship between the meaning and my architecture design thinking.

“Drifting Village” has been created to analyze, design and form the idea into space.


::::  Thesis Statement  ::::

By questioning the meaning and possibility of me, it turned out to be the idea how “body and mind” infected to space.

And Nanfangao fishing port has chosen to be the site of this experiment of laying the idea on site and testified.

::::  Site and Issue::::

Nanfangao fishing port is located in the southeast part of Suao. It has a total population about 8900 which does not include 1700 migrant workers living on fishing vessels.

The fishing port is a lack of public space for leisure, need more options for tourism, and requires a basic facility for migrant workers to obtain a fine quality of living.



:::: Design ::::

By locating “Drifting Village” on the opposite site of port, it not only creates the new center for water which is closely bounded to original port but also creates a place where water meets land, tourists meet workers, and ships meet space.

Through the development of Nanfangao fishing port, three ports have been constructed and obtain different function serving different groups.

While residents live on shore and migrant workers living on a boat, creating a public facility which supports workers is necessary.


And also, regenerate the energy of tourism in town is also another way to bring lives in Nanfangao alive.

The purpose of the project is to change the atmosphere of Nanfangao fishing port and migrant worker’s condition and quality of living by exchanging services, money, techniques in Drifting Village.

The relationship between human, vessels, and spaces has created many possibilities and counterpoint for different crowds.

The paths and walls are going in a vertical direction as water and program going and change horizontally.