Architecture is a reflection of a local environment and condition, along with human behavior and culture. Therefore, I’m eager to find the possibilities of space, possibility of Architecture on a subtropical island.

Nothing is certain and everything changes.

If nothing is questioned, no answer shall be found and no truth will be revealed. I’ve been questioning about my identity, questioning about the unfavorable situation of my country, questioning about the relationship between Architecture and the island of Taiwan.

The history of modern Architecture has been addressed by western civilization, streets were occupied by concrete and steel, the convenience of these materials have eliminated the diversity of culture and reduce the possibility of space. Buildings have been separated from the environment where concrete and profit took place and dominates our living condition and space quality.

This ideology can’t achieve without applications to real world circumstance, therefore, practicing in similar but different culture are milestones of lifelong endeavor.


Drifting Village


By questioning the meaning of my own existence, and the relationship between the meaning and my architecture design thinking.

“Drifting Village” has been created to analyze, design and form the idea into space.


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Space formed by space

        “Through the force of natural forces and human invalidation. Space has created a different space. “a

||| HONOR PRIZE : CIRCOS 2013, Japan |||

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A complete city is one which combined all kind of industry and workforce. Taipei is one of the city which has tertiary industry surrounded by secondary industry. This allowed the citizen on Taipei to have more choices and better efficiency when a product needs to be fixed or assembled. 

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Series of Leisure

How do we define the path and road for transportation?
What was the difference?

Is processing and parametric design able to redirect different speed and whys of transportation?

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Strechy_Untypical Drawing Creation

A curve was formed by a combination of line.
Then, curves stretched and defined one space.

Lines created curves, curves created mashes.


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